This is the ABOUT page. Most websites have one, so I might as well have one too! On here I just answer questions that I tend to get asked often.



My style of reviewing

The way that I choose to make my movie and game reviews is very similar to the norm, with content from the game/movie shown on screen with voice-over and some filming on my part.


Who the hell is this kid?

I'm Ben Zacharias. I make review videos about video games and movies. And those videos are just plain old poorly made garbage. I'm a 15 year old with a growing collection of games and movies, and a Dungeons and Dragons addiction growing stronger every weekend. I upload my videos here, but also to my YouTube channel, which can be found here.


Why does this website look so bad?

That would be due to the fact that every single peice of this site was programmed entirely by me. Yup, using HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript, all from scratch! So that's why it looks kinda shitty...


I have an idea for a review. How should I tell you to make it?

Simply send an email to: benzach0421@gmail.com No spam please!


Is this webpage ever updated?

Yes it is! When ever a new video comes out, the site is updated in order to display the new video. Otherwise, occasional edits are done to make the site more pleasing to the eye. There is also an update log that you can visit here.


Why do you make reviews?

Well, I find making these videos to be a fun pastime. Watching bad movies and playing bad games has always been a hobby of mine since I was little. Even though I'm usually busy with school and such, (hence the slow & unstable upload schedule) I try to make videos as often as I can. And I'll keep making them even though they get no views or appreciation, (not that they deserve any).


What music do you like?

Odd question, but I'll answer. I am a huge metal fan. I enjoy bands such as: Blind Gaurdian, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Alestorm, etc.


Why do you look like such a fag?

Wow. Harsh. But I get that question a lot. I just like having long hair, why is that so wierd?


Where did all your old videos go?

This is an event documented as the video purge. This was when, on April 2nd, at 3:30 PM, all videos were removed from my YouTube channel. And of course, those videos were also removed from this site. For further information, watch this.